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Alien Con Interest – Alien Contact or ET Experience/ Esoteric or Exoteric is this important to Initiates?

Dear Theresa,

I have read half your book so I have a pretty good idea of where you are coming from. I certainly agree with much of what you say. I am not skeptical of you as a contactee. However, What I am interested in is specific information (who what where when why) concerning your close encounters with UFO craft or non-human intelligences or entities. For example, as you think of yourself as coming from the Andromeda galaxy, could you tell me something specific about your home planet or communications you have had with other Andromedans? If you had a close encounter with a UFO craft (within 500 feet) could you describe the craft (inside and outside) and its technology in more detail other than a “triangle.”? Where and when was your sighting? Again , a short narrative of your contact would be appreciated and then we can talk more.  All the best,

Steve Colbern has now joined my ACO Club.

We will continue posting for him when he as something to report!