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Welcome to the Alien Contact Organization, the brainchild of Theresa J. Morris and Janet Kira Lessin. TJ and Janet desire to awaken the world, help humanity everywhere realize that aliens exist and walk among us.  Many have had contact, some via traditional “abduction” experiences while many others have conscious contact and recall all if not most of the details of the experience. Some realize they are aliens, hybrids or souls that have had many lives in many other worlds and dimensions. Earth is but one stomping ground for souls to incarnate and experience lives so that the soul might learn, grow, evolve and become more conscious and aware of its role in the Universe.

Aliens have been with humanity since its inception. They are more than likely our creators. Aliens have been involved with our world periodically transforming and introducing new species, flora and fauna at punctuated periods necessary to allow the experiment in species development to evolve and come to fruition.  Under many layers of rock and dirt our modern sonar equipment in satellites uncover that which was previously hidden for generations.  We now recover the mysteries of our past.  Soon we join the Federation of Planets as childhood’s end creates the events where humanity will be invited to join and become galactic citizens.

While it often seems we are in the midst of primitive and dark times, we are actually at the brink of major evolution in consciousness.  It’s always darkest right before the dawn.  A new age of enlightenment is dawning. Join us as we connect the dots, awaken and realize we have created this illusion of separation and soon will experience a grand homecoming as we reunite with our galactic family and remember where we began this journey and how far we’ve come.Alien Contact Experiencers are comparing life experiences to show support of what we are going to accept as normal in the future. Alienology, Cosmology, Phenomenology, Ufology, are some of the main topics of research in the ACO CLUB, ACO Association, UFO Association, and TJ Morris ET Radio shows. Janet Kira Lessin and Theresa J Thurmond Morris have been sharing LIVE AIR TIME together since June, 2012 in order to learn more about each other and the humanoid intelligent being species. Janet and TJ have shared their paranormal experiences for a support group of friends. Both women have written books ibut the story they are about to share includes the Rainbow Project, Stargate Project, Pegasus Project, Montauk Project, Manhattan Project and UFO Recerse Technology. Paranormal experiences,super natural intrigue change as the awakening in the Ascension Age. 2019 includes defining taxonomy of generations of Star People Coming to Earth. Both women are researchers, metaphysicians, counselors and share spiritual science. Both have come to the same conclusion that “Alien Civilizations Exist!”  UFO Research uplifts humankind fo future space exploration. Supernatural and paranorma phenomena and mysteries of who we are as multidimensionals will be talked about Both women share websites including and,,,,, UFOAssociation, and many more for “Getting the Word Out” that we are not alone in the universe. Talking about peronal experiences as awakening reality to disclosure of what was kept secret. Intuitive Counselors are now finding each other in a tribe of the ACO Invisible College. People are sharing the Internet and social media groups more than ever before. Welcome to the new world where we know the future will be inside Virtual Reality as A.I. 

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