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 – Page 187 Janette Morris – Preview – ‎More editionsAliens, ETS, UFOs, USOs ContacteesSee All Articles About Theresa J. Thurmond Morris Bio Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris is an … Tj’s books available on Amazon and Lulu underTheresa J Morris and TJ Thurmond Morris. TJ has been …

Alphaverse and Omegaverse

 – Page 309 Morris – PreviewTJ has written several paranormal books including Ascension Age 2012 & Beyond, Alien UFO Story by TJ, Avatar Oracle Xeno Guide, Roswell … Tj’s books available on Amazonand Lulu under Theresa J Morris and TJ Thurmond Morris.

Alien ET UFO Social Paranormal Community Guide

 – Page 457 Morris – PreviewAliens, ETS, UFOs, USOs ContacteesSee All Articles About Theresa J. Thurmond MorrisBio Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris is an … Tj’s books available on Amazon and Lulu under TheresaJ Morris and TJ Thurmond Morris. TJ has been …

Life in the Amazon Rain Forest

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