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Stan Passes May 14, 2019

We will honor Stanton T Friedman who passed away. We found out Stan has passed while…

Alien Contact UFO Disclosed

Authors Book Club Organization American Communications Online – ACO Club shares Authors Book Club -TJ Morris…

Alien Contact Experiencers

Welcome to the Alien Contact Organization, the brainchild of Theresa J. Morris and Janet Kira Lessin.…

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ASCENSION LIGHTWORKERS GUIDE  – Page 187 Janette Morris – Preview – ‎More editionsAliens, ETS, UFOs, USOs ContacteesSee All Articles…

Steve Colbern, Reporter

Steve Colbern ACO News Reporter American Communications Online file:///C:/Users/ACO/Pictures/Ron%20Noel-Implant%20Report(v4).pdf file:///C:/Users/ACO/Pictures/Analysis%20of%20Object%20Taken%20from%20Patient%20John%20Smith(v6).pdf

DO Aliens Talk to us?

Theresa J Morris

ACO News Reporter